MCM Digital Photo Restoration
Our photos are among our most prized possessions.

Customers often tell us they would be devastated to lose their family photos in a house fire or flood. Yet as important as these heirlooms are, they often wind up stuffed in an envelope or placed in a drawer.  They can get scratched, bent and the emulsion may crack.  Discolorations can occur.  If on display, they will fade over time.
At MCM Digital Photo Restoration we understand how important these images are to you.  Memories can fade.  That special person starts to blur.  Our aim is to help keep those memories sharp, or to restore images of ancestors that help us all better understand who we are.
Through a combination of computer technology, an analytic eye and a degree of artistic talent, we will make every effort to make your old, damaged and faded photographs back into family heirlooms you will be proud to display.
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